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Our textbooks: learn a language – enjoy the story

We all hate text books that begin with “Hello, what’s your name?“, don’t we? Our textbooks are made up of a coherent story, which starts very simply, but develops into a fascinating novel. Can’t stop reading? Well then ‒ you will have to keep on learning!


Click below to learn about our Norwegian textbooks The Mystery of Nils (volume 1, for beginners) and Mysteriet om Nils (volume 2, for advanced students).

The Mystery of Nils: Learn Norwegian - Enjoy the Story.


German textbook "Jens und Jakob"Jens and Jakob are two sparrows living in Berlin. Although the Berlin Wall has been removed for a long time, their life and the lives of the (human) families they are living close to is still affected by the former separation of the city.


Alfred was hit by a car when Sweden started driving on the right, and now lives a peaceful life as a ghost. But soon another family is moving into his house, and Alfred realizes they have something to hide …