Tired of boring language courses?

Learn languages with intriguing stories

Skapago helps language learners achieve their fluency goals by making learning fun: through story-based textbooks and online courses.

We’re not pretending language learning is simple: it isn’t. We know that and therefore design our language courses in a way that will make it easy for you to keep learning until you hare achieved fluency.

Our textbooks and online video courses are based on coherent stories instead of boring dialogues. You want to know how the story ends? Well then – you will have to keep learning!

Although our materials we designed for self-study, we also offen 1: 1 language courses with a personal teacher through Zoom or Skype.

Our philosophy of language learning

We are tired of all the methods selling you the idea that you might “learn Japanese in 30 days” or “become fluent in Serbocroation in three months”. Let’s face it: there is no magic trick to learning a language (if you know one, publish it and get rich). Yes, there are principles that you need to stick to, and in our courses we will make sure you’ll do that. But still, becoming fluent in another language is a marathon, not a sprint.

However: why should language learning have to be boring? It’s a long process, but shouldn’t a long process be fun?

Or to be more precise, doesn’t a long process have to be fun because otherwise you will give up? That’s the starting point for all the materials we create.

So here are our principles:

  1. Language courses are supposed to be fun. Unlike the usual language school marketing poetry, we don’t even try to talk you into nonsense like “learn Chinese in three months”. Learning a language is hard work, but why not have fun while doing it? That’s why our language courses are based on a coherent story instead of boring dialogues.
  2. We put a lot of emphasis on pronunciation. Whether you take a language course online alone or with a teacher, you’ll get plenty of tips on practicing proper pronunciation. There are also free pronunciation videos for our language textbooks available online.
  3. Grammar is a tool – nothing more, but nothing less. We won’t drown you in grammar rules before you can say your first complete sentence. But we don’t have a grammar phobia either (and if you do, we’ll train you out of it …).

Story-based textbooks

Learn a language with a story instead of boring dialogues. Can’t stop reading? Well then – you’ll have to become fluent! Our textbooks come with full grammar instructions, exercises, pronunciation videos, …

Online video courses

Our online video courses are your budget language school – but much more fun: based on a coherent story (just like our texbooks), yet with full  explanations on video,audio exercises for download, and much more.

Live online lessons

Feeling stuck? No (traditional) language course in your area? Our teachers give individual lessons 1:1 through Skype, whenever you have time. Courses are tailored to your needs. Take a free demo lesson first.

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