Chinese courses

Chinese courses with Skapago don’t bore you to death with random dialogues: instead, learn Chinese with our textbook “Oh, Jerry!”, which is based on a coherent (absurd) story.

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Story-based textbook “Oh, Jerry!”

Are you tired of boring Chinese textbooks starting with “Hello, what’s your name”?
We are. That’s why we have designed the Chinese textbook Oh, Jerry!

Chinese courses: our principles

We stick to a few basic principles, which you will quickly find out if you download a preview of our Chinese textbook, for example.

  1. Chinese courses should be fun. Contrary to the usual language school marketing poetry, we don’t even try to talk you into nonsense like “learn Chinese in three months”. Learning Chinese is hard work, but why should hard work not be fun? That’s why our Chinese courses are based on a coherent story.
  2. We put a lot of emphasis on pronunciation. There are free pronunciation videos for our Chinese textbook.
  3. Grammar is a tool – nothing more, but nothing less. We won’t drown you in grammar rules before you can even say your first complete sentence in Chinese. But we don’t have a grammar phobia either (and if you do, we’ll train you out of it …).
  4. Writing Chinese is part of the game, but it shouldn’t be a horror game. With our Chinese textbook you will discover the beauty and the origin of the Chinese characters, and instead of confusing you with graphics on how to write the Chinese characters, we provide simple videos that you can watch over and over again so you’ll learn to write Chinese characters without too much effort.