Learn Czech – Live Individual Online Czech Classes

Talk to your Czech teacher and work together as if you were in the same room!

student on a mountain learning a language through his compter

Our prices
• private Czech lessons any time, any place

• customized individual instruction

• highly qualified teachers
– Czech native speakers
– formal education as language teachers
– teaching experience


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It’s that easy:

With Skapago, your laptop becomes your language school!
You only need:
• broadband internet access,
• free software Skype (download: www.skype.com) and a headset


You decide when and where your Czech class will be. Do you want to learn Czech, but can’t find a Czech course in a convenient location? Do you need flexible class times to accommodate your hectic schedule?

Enroll for individual Czech classes with Skapago!


We aren’t content using standardized methods and textbooks. Instead, we use your personal learning goals to develop individualized coursework..

We’ll find the teacher that best fits your needs and learning style. During the first lesson, your teacher will discuss your goals and needs. Whether you want to learn Czech for work or family reasons, or take an exam, we will tailor a Czech course to you.


5x 45 min.

130 €

12x 45 min.

297 €