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  • Qualified teachers

    We work with Norwegian native speakers who have both formal education as language instructors and teaching experience.

  • Start whenever you want

    You can usually schedule a demo lesson and start your course in just a few days. No need to wait for the next semester … Our Norwegian teachers are based in different time zones so we will find somebody whose availability matches your schedule.

  • Customized individual instruction

    Your Norwegian tutor is there just for you and will tailor every lesson to your need, your progress, and your previous knowledge.

  • Cheaper than traditional private lessons

    While traditional language schools in the Oslo region charge about 500–800 NOK for a private lesson, our teachers will only charge you between 325 NOK and 400 NOK / lesson, depending on the number of lesson you order.

“I cannot find a Norwegian tutor near me”. 

“My Norwegian course is boring.” 

“I need to learn Norwegian fast.” 

“I feel stuck learning Norwegian.” 

Do any of the above sentences describe your Norwegian learning journey? Then you have come to the right place!

So many online Norwegian tutors … why should I choose one recommended by Skapago?

✓ Norwegian native speakers with considerable experience teaching Norwegian

We are not a language learning platform where anybody can teach – on the contrary we only recommend Norwegian teachers based on their experience teaching Norwegian and their educational background. It is equally important for us to refer you to Norwegian teachers who have learned another language besides English, so you can be sure they know from first hand experience what it means to learn a language.

✓ Take a free demo lesson first

It is easy to say that a Norwegian tutor is good at teaching Norwegian, but it’s better to prove it. Take a free trial lesson and see for yourself – no strings attached. During the demo lesson your teacher will assess your level of Norwegian and your goals as well as the structure of the Norwegian course.

✓ Our partner teachers take care of what most Norwegian teachers neglect: pronunciation and learning strategies

While many traditional Norwegian language schools content themselves with working through the textbook page by page, we believe that this is something you can do yourself! The teachers recommended by us focus on the things you cannot do without a teacher: Norwegian pronunciation, Norwegian conversation training and your own language learning strategies outside of the classroom. They want to make sure you are not wasting your time and money.

✓  An intensive Norwegian course tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Norwegian learner, whether your focus is on spoken or written Norwegian, whether you need Norwegian language skills for work, study, or for passing an exam like Norskprøven – we will find a teacher who will tailor a Norwegian course to your needs.

✓ Start learning Norwegian immediately

You do not have to wait for a free spot in a Norwegian course starting next summer. Most Norwegian teachers listed on this page are usually ready to schedule a free demo lesson within just a few days. Since the Norwegian tutors are based in different time zones, they can even teach you in the middle of the night in case you like to learn with moonlight.


Cheaper than traditional private lessons

While traditional language schools in the Oslo region charge about 500 – 800 kr for a private lesson, most of the teachers we recommend charge only from 325 NOK to 400 NOK per lesson (45 min.), depending on the number of lessons you order.

Take a test drive and have a free demo lesson

Schedule a time for a demo lesson today – it’s absolutely free and without obligation.
Click here to choose your teacher and schedule your free demo lesson.

Bring a friend for free

Would you like to learn Norwegian together studying with a friend / partner / sister … ?
As long as you are at the same level, most teachers offer you to take the course simultaneously, at no extra cost.

Frequently asked questions

When can I start learning Norwegian?

Usually within just a few days. Schedule a free demo lesson now.

How much does it cost?

The teachers we recommend charge between 325 NOK to 400 NOK per lesson (45 min.), depending on the number of lessons you booked. Take a free demo lesson to find out the details.

I need to prove a certain level of Norwegian for my residence permit / citizenship. Can you help?

We suggest you take the Norskprøven exam to prove your level of Norwegian. The tutors we refer you to know this exam well and will happily assist you with getting ready for it.

I have another question.

Feel free to email us.

Take a free demo lesson: choose your teacher

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Available Mon-Sun, Morning-evening

  • broad experience teaching Norwegian at all levels
  • South-West Norwegian pronunciation / Stavanger dialect
  • speaks English, some basic Romanian and German
  • interested in cooking, house and garden/interior design


Available Mon-Fri mornings

  • from Eastern Norway, Oslo dialect
  • many years of experience teaching students at all levels
  • trained nurse, can help students who want jobs in the health sector in Norway
  • speaks English and Italian


Available afternoons and evenings
evenings (CET)

  • decades of teaching experience
  • East Norwegian pronunciation, experience with North Norwegian dialects
  • fluent in German and English
  • professional experience as a musician and circus artist, among others

Not sure who is the right teacher for you?

Please fill in the form and write a little bit about your goals and previous knowledge (if any) and we will try to find somebody who can help you best to improve your Norwegian.

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    • Skapago only acts as an intermediary between you and a potential teacher. A possible contract for lessons comes about directly between the teacher and you.