Norskprøve – Norwegian Exams

The tests Norskprøve is an examination in the Norwegian language at the levels A2/B1, B1/B2, and C1 of the Common European Framework. It consists of a written and an oral part, which may take place on different days. There are two examinations per year.

Having successfully passed the exam with the level A2 serves as the basis for the application for a permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship. It also serves as an official documentation of Norwegian language skills, for example for future employers.

Norskrprøve exam content

Exam Content

Besides three conversations about everyday topics, different tasks for reading comprehension, listening comprehension and written production have to be completed. The correct command of the Norwegian language will have an important influence on the assessment.

Most of the exam is done on a computer. There is a so-called “forprøve” which will not count towards the final result, but which will select tasks for your appropriate level. So depending on how you perform during the forprøve, you will get to the main exam on the level A2, B1, or B2.

The C1 Norskprøve is a separate exam which you can only take at this level.


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