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1. Win a language textbook of your choice

2. German / Norwegian online video course – 1 month free

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Win a language textbook of your choice!

If you subscribe to one of our newsletters by Sunday November 27th, you can win one of 3 story-based language textbooks.


Online courses – one month free

Tired of boring language courses? Time to join Jens & Jakob or The Mystery of Nils! Instead of dull dialogues you will learn German or Norwegian with a coherent story. Of course we will cover the whole grammar, pronunciation, and much more on video. Downloadable audio exercises help you improve your listening comprehension, pronunciation, and fluency. Half the price of a traditional language course, but twice the fun!

Join by Sunday (Nov 27th) to get the first month for free! If you don’t like the course, you can cancel any time.

Bloggers, teachers, influencers … check out our affiliate programme!

Is your audience interested in learning German, Chinese, or a Scandinavian language?

We have an answer to the boredom of traditional language classes: our online video courses are based on coherent (absurd) stories instead of boring dialogues.

The courses have an attractive affiliate programme. Please get in touch with us so we can tell you more!