German courses

a Norwegian textbook

Story-based textbook “Jens & Jakob”

Are you tired of boring German textbooks starting with “Hello, what’s your name”?
We are. That’s why we have designed the two volume German textbook Jens & Jakob.

Online video German course

Your budget language school – but much more fun: based on the Jens & Jakob story (just like our texbook), yet with full explanations on video, audio exercises for download, pronunciation exercises, and much more.

Live 1:1 online German courses

Feeling stuck? No (traditional) German course in your area? We can recommend you German teachers who give individual lessons 1:1 through Skype/Zoom, whenever you have time. All German courses are tailored to your needs.

German courses: our principles

No matter which German course you choose: we stick to a few basic principles, which you will quickly find out if you download a preview of our German textbook, for example.

  1. German courses should be fun. Contrary to the usual language school marketing poetry, we don’t even try to talk you into nonsense like “learn German in three months”. Learning a language is hard work, but why should hard word not be fun? That’s why our German courses are based on a coherent story.
  2. We put a lot of emphasis on pronunciation. In our German online course you’ll get plenty of tips on practicing proper pronunciation. There are also free pronunciation videos for our German textbook. For more help with your pronunciation we can recommed you a German teacher.
  3. Grammar is a tool – nothing more, but nothing less. We won’t drown you in grammar rules before you can even say your first complete sentence in German. But we don’t have a grammar phobia either (and if you do, we’ll train you out of it …).