Quality: Your Advantage

Our language instructors are the key to your success. We work to ensure that our students are paired with instructors who understand their needs and use the most effective language learning method.
It takes more than a certificate to be a language instructor at Skapago. Our teachers have gone through a rigorous testing process to prove their varied abilities as instructors. We look at both practical experience and theoretical training; but at the end of the day, we look for results. This is why it is especially important that our instructors have mastered at least one modern language in addition to English. You can be sure that your instructors will understand the difficulties of learning a language because they have done it themselves. While our instructors share knowledge of languages and passion for teaching, they also have qualifications from additional activities, areas and branches, from business and finance to psychology. Their diverse backgrounds are reflected in our language classes: no hour is exactly like the last.


  • We offer the option of formal testing to gauge what you have learned.
  • We consistently collect feedback on the quality of your instruction.
  • We constantly observe our instructors to ensure instructional quality.

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