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Find free Norwegian courses – mini-course for Norwegian pronunciation, a Survival Guide to Norwegian grammar, and an eBook about the official Norwegian language exam Norskprøven. Learn Norwegian free … that’s what you can do on this page.

The Norwegian Pronunciation Video Course

A 10 day video course about all the tricky Norwegian sounds, delivered right to your inbox – for free. Hands-on, easy to work with. No, we don’t want to hear the excuses about how charming a foreign accent is. Get your Norwegian pronunciation right. Now.

Learn Norwegian free with our Norwegian pronunciation mini course.

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The Survival Guide to Basic Norwegian Grammar

Are you overwhelmed by Norwegian grammar?
Are you afraid of speaking Norwegian because you might make a grammar mistake?

That’s why we published the Survival Guide to Basic Norwegian Grammar – a free eBook where you will learn the differences between …

  • Red grammar: Things you MUST know. Otherwise nobody will understand you and/or you will sound like an idiot.
  • Yellow grammar: Nice to have. You will sound more natural. Learn it if you have time. No big problem if you get it wrong though.
  • Green grammar: If you want to be really good or pass an exam, learn that too. However, if you make mistakes with this in spoken Norwegian, native speakers will barely notice.

Survival Guide to Basic Norwegian Grammar

Me near Tromsø, Northern Norway, in December. Are you struggling with Norwegian
grammar as much as I was struggling with the dogs and the cold?

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Norskprøve – Norwegian Exams

The test Norskprøve is an examination in the Norwegian language at the levels A2/B1 and B1/B2 of the Common European Framework. It consists of a written and an oral part, which may take place on different days. There are two examinations per year.

Having successfully passed Norskprøve with the level A2 serves as the basis for the application for a permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship. It also serves as an official documentation of Norwegian language skills, for example for future employers.

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