Norwegian – Pronunciation Training

Live individual on-line training with a native Norwegian teacher:
Talk to your Norwegian teacher and work together as if you were in the same room!

Have you started learning Norwegian, but you still feel uncomfortable with your foreign accent?

Improve your pronunciation in a customized, individual Norwegian course, focused exclusively on correct Norwegian pronunciation.
Your Norwegian teacher will work you through the sounds you are facing problems with and will prepare a course programme tailored to your individual needs.

•private Norwegian lessons any time, any place
as efficient as a private teacher coming to your home

•cheaper than traditional private lessons
from 295-355 NOK / 45 min., depending on the number of lessons you would like to order

•highly qualified teachers
– formal education as language instructors
– teaching experience
– native speakers

•customized individual instruction
Norwegian pronunciation course tailored to your needs

•FREE demo lesson
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This is how it works:

student on a mountain learning a language through his compter

With Skapago, your laptop becomes your language school!
For learning Norwegian with us, you only need:
•broadband internet access
•free software Skype (download: and a headset.