About Skapago

Learning languages builds bridges to other countries.Skapago wants to build bridges between German-speaking regions and Scandinavia.
Our trademark is the Gray Parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus). Grey parrots are among the most intelligent birds in the world. To some extent, they are able to learn languages to the point of comprehension and meaningful communication.  For this reason, they are accepted as a symbol of multilingualism.
In the children’s classic The story of Dr. Dolittle, the English doctor John Dolittle learns the language of the animals from Polynesia, a gray parrot.  Polynesia becomes the key to opening a whole new world for the doctor.  Similarly, Skapago wants to open new doors for our clients through language instruction and support.

What does Skapago mean? It is a combination of Scandinavian and Papago (Esperanto for parrot).