Cheaper than traditional private lessons

As we don’t rent expensive class rooms we are able to pass this advantage on to our customers.
While traditional language schools in the Oslo region charge about 400 – 500 kr for a private lesson, you can get our personally tailored courses from 299 kr / lesson.

Take a test drive and have a free demo lesson

At Skapago it’s satisfaction guaranteed. We can schedule a time for a demo lesson today – it’s absolutely free and without obligation.
Click here to schedule your free demo lesson.

Bring a friend for free

Would you like to learn Norwegian together studying with a friend / partner / sister … ?
As long as you are at the same level, you can take the course simultaneously, at no extra cost.

Our prices


Full flexibility: lessons can be taken whenever you want during a one year period
4 lessons

1490 NOK

8 lessons

2860 NOK

14 lessons

4620 NOK

20 lessons

5980 NOK

• You can take your lessons whenever you want.
• Lessons may be cancelled and rescheduled with 24 hours notice.

Click here to schedule your free demo lesson.


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