Learn languages through stories: our textbooks

We all hate textbooks for languages that begin with “Hello, my name …“, don’t we? Our textbooks are made up of a coherent story, which starts very simply, but develops into a fascinating novel. Can’t stop reading? Well then ‒ you will have to keep on learning!

We careful selected the most frequently used words in a language and make sure that the story is primarily made up of them. Separate texts and exercises focus on conversational topics that will prepare you for living in the country where the language is spoken.

Grammar is a headache? Not with our textbooks. Uncover the structure of a language with pictures, casual yet comprehensive explanations, and a lot of easy to remember examples.

Repetition is the key to learning a language.
Every textbook has its own website with a great number of exercises, a vocabulary trainer, videos about pronunciation, and a whole lot more.