Are you tired of boring German textbooks?

The kind of German textbooks starting with “Hello, my name is …”.
We are. Definitely. We know that learning German is hard work, but why shouldn’t hard work be fun?

That’s why we created Jens and Jakob: German textbooks based on a coherent story instead of dull dialogues, which starts very simply, but develops into a fascinating novel. Can’t stop reading? Well then – you will have to learn German!

Somebody reading the German textbook "Jens & Jakob"

This is the story:

Jens and Jakob are two sparrows living in Berlin. The day the Berlin Wall falls, Jens drops out of his nest, but a girl finds him, takes him home and raises him on the balcony. He befriends Jakob, a wild sparrow, who teaches him how to fly.
One day an unexpected visitor arrives, and Jens slowly begins to understand that for his human family, the removal of the Wall is not only sunshine and roses: there is a secret in the family that might be uncovered now that the border is open. For decades to come, the family will struggle with the consequences of the former separation of Berlin. How will they cope with them?
Jens and Jakob is a family saga, a fable, a historical novel … oh, and a German textbook.

You can buy the book here – but you can download a free preview first:

Download a free 28 page preview
of the Jens and Jakob German textbooks

Relevant vocabulary

We have carefully selected the most frequently used words in the German language and made sure that the story is primarily made up of them. Separate texts and exercises focus on conversational topics that will prepare you for living in the German speaking world.

German textbooks with visualized, simple explanations

Grammar is a headache? Not with Jens and Jakob. Uncover the structure of the German language with pictures, casual yet comprehensive explanations, and a lot of easy to remember examples.

Practice online as much as you wish.

Repetition is the key to learning a language. We will publish a great number of exercises, a vocabulary trainer, videos about pronunciation, and a whole lot more.

Get help from live teachers.

Our German teachers have co-created this book. They know all the obstacles you might incur and can help you with individual training. Since we teach through online video conferences, you can take lessons wherever you are on this planet. Schedule a free demo lesson at

Download a free 28 page preview
of the Jens and Jakob German textbook

Want to dig deeper?

If you’d like to learn more German than it’s possible in a book format, consider the Jens & Jakob online video course.