Free beginners’ course

See a live recording of a beginners’ course

Kasia has just started learning Norwegian with “The Mystery of Nils”. Her live individual online classes with Borgar, one of our Norwegian teachers, are recorded and will be published here so that you can be a silent participant of her course – for free!

Demo lesson

In the demo lesson you will learn more about how each lesson is built up and get a short presentation of the work material. Furthermore, you’ll learn about Norwegian pronunciation.

Lesson 1

The first lesson deals with chapter 1 of “The Mystery of Nils” and introduces you to the very basic grammar of Norwegian.

Lesson 2

In lesson 2 you will cement the knowledge you’ve acquired in the previous lesson. In addition you will go through chapter 2 of “The Mystery of Nils” and learn more about gender, numbers and food items.

Lesson 3

Time for some revision. Have you done the assignments correctly? Check it out in the video.

Lesson 4

Have a closer look at chapter 3 of “The Mystery of Nils” and get all the new grammatical features explained by Borgar.

Lesson 5

Here, you will have a closer look at modal verbs, word order and numbers, in addition to a short recap of chapter 3.

Lesson 6

This lesson deals with chapter 4 of “The Mystery of Nils”. You’ll learn how to link sentences, how to ask questions and focus on differnt conversation topics.

Lesson 7

You will go through chapter 4 again and learn more about the past tense. Check if you have done the assignments correctly.

Lesson 8

It’s time for chapter 5 of “The Mystery of Nils”. You will learn more about personal pronouns and you’ll have a closer look at some pronunciation issues.

Lesson 9

In this lesson you will learn about family words, possessive pronouns and numbers. You’ll learn how to say the time and how to say that you like something. Moreover Borgar will explain the proper pronounciation of å and ø.

Lesson 11

This lesson deals with the past tense of both regular and irregular verbs. There will be a revision of homework assignments in which you’ll learn how to use prepositions with time expression. A revision of family words and how to say the time is also part of this lesson.


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