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Lesson 2


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In this lesson you will learn:

  • 00:00 exercises of chapter 1 of “The mystery of Nils”, sentence order
  • 02:58 vowel sounds
  • 05:32 reading and explaining chapter 2 of “The mystery of Nils”, pronunciation of the letter o/å
  • 16:40 genders
  • 21:16 numbers
  • 22:24 hello and goodbye
  • 22:54 Breakfast table exercise
  • 35:25 Homework assignment

For further learning we recommend to do the homework assignment given to Kasia in this video. To hear the text read by native Norwegian speaker, listen to the audio file of chapter 2. Furthermore, you can watch the pronunciation video for the letter Å and do exercise 2.2 of our free online exercises.


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