Free Norwegian Course for Beginners

Lesson 6


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In this lesson you will learn:

  • 00:00 reading and explaining chapter 4 of “The mystery of Nils”
  • 13:15 linking sentences with ‘og’
  • 14:55 digression: ‘og’ vs. ‘å’ between two verbs
  • 17:13 linking sentences with ‘og’
  • 19:20 difference between definite and nondefinite form of nouns
  • 21:10 conversation topic: furniture and kitchen
  • 40:39 conversation topic: small talk
  • 48:50 question words: hva, hvor, hvem, hvorfor, hvordan, når
  • 50:05 digression: family – sønn, datter, far, mor etc.
  • 50:53 continue with question words
  • 51:17 sneak preview: possessive pronouns

For further learning we recommend to do exercise 4.1 of our free online exercises. You can listen to chapter 4 read by native Norwegian speakers.


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