Join our virtual Norwegian language café

Would you like to practice your Norwegian in a virtual Norwegian language café? This is the perfect solution for you if you are not surrounded by many Norwegian native speakers, if your level of Norwegian is not very high yet, or if you simply prefer to speak Norwegian from the comfort of your home.

We will meet online in a Zoom room (please make sure to download the app). Then we have different breakout rooms so that people at similar levels are together. Joining the café is free – please bring your own drinks since this is the only limitation we still have …

The language café is ideal for people at A2 or B1 level, but we also have beginners (A1 level) and advanced students (B2 level) coming.

We usually do the virtual Norwegian language café about 2-3 times per month. You can get updates on when we will schedule the next language café – please subscribe to our newsletter:

FAQ on our virtual language café

Q: Is this free?
A: Yes.

Q: When is this happening?
A: For getting notified about current times, please subscribe to our newsletter (see above).

Q: What do I need?
A: You need the Zoom app on your computer or phone, and preferrably a headset (not a must though).

Q: How much Norwegian do I have to speak?
A: Ideally you have some basic knowledge of Norwegian, but our language café is also for beginners.

Q: Who will I meet?
A: People from all over the world who are learning Norwegian, just like you. We will divide you up into various breakout rooms, depending on your level, so you can be sure it’s not too difficult (or too easy) for you.

Q: What are we going to talk about?
That’s entirely up to you. We will give you suggestions, but this is not a formal Norwegian course, so you can talk about anything you and your group find interesting. Usually each group starts off with a small introductory round.

Q: I have to leave early, is this a problem?
Not at all, you can leave any time.

Q: Isn’t this scary?
A: No. Everyone else is learning, too, so mistakes are common and will not be frowned upon.

Q: When will the next Norwegian language café happen?
A: You can get updates on when we will schedule the next language café – please subscribe to our newsletter: