People to help you

Exercises corrected by a teacher

You can send us all exercises from the book as well as any other texts you have written in Norwegian and get them back with corrections and comments from a qualified teacher. This is how it works:

1 Send your text.

Simply attach a .doc file to an e-mail and send it to Nils. Your e-mail should also contain your name and (physical) address.

2 Pay.

We have a fixed price of 0.50 NOK per word. We will send you an invoice with payment instructions. You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal/MasterCard/VISA.

3 Get the corrections.

Once we have registered your payment, a teacher will correct and comment your exercises. You will receive the updated .doc file per e-mail within three business days.

Live individual lessons through Skype / virtual classrooms

Talk to your Norwegian teacher and work together as if you were in the same room!


  • private Norwegian lessons any time, any place
  • cheaper than traditional private lessons
  • highly qualified teachers
  • customized individual instruction
  • FREE demo lesson