111 Exercises for Norwegian Listening Comprehension, Pronunciation, and Fluency

Would you like to understand Norwegians better?
React to their questions more quickly?
Speak without thinking so much?

Studying from a textbook is cool, but if you want to talk to real people, it’s not enough. Like everything else, listening and speaking requires practice – but you also need the right material, especially if you are not surrounded by Norwegians all day long.

We have been working hard to prepare a large number of audio exercises that will train all of these skills because you will not only listen, but you will also react.

A few examples:

  • exercises that will make you listen to – and repeat – the most difficult words and phrases you are learning.
  • react to given sentences – for example, you will have to put in ikke in a sentence that is read to you. This way, you will practice your listening comprehension, your grammar skills, and your fluency!
  • … and much much more


This is what you will get:

  • 111 exercises training your Norwegian listening comprehension, pronunciation, and fluency
  • All exercises can be streaned for free, or downloaded to your mobile device or computer as MP3 files and listened to on the Gumroad app (for a very reasonable price) – you can then listen to them when you go out for a walk, are driving your car, sitting on a bus …
  • The exercises are adjusted to the chapters in The Mystery of Nils, so the vocabulary won’t be too difficult for you if you are working with this textbook.


Stream the exercises for FREE …

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… or download them for a very reasonable price!


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