Meet our students: Beate

Beate is from Bodø in Northern Norway – a town right next to the polar circle, north of which the sun does not go down in the summer and never shows in the winter.

This beautiful part of the world is often visited by German tourists, and the local tourist board has a high demand for German speaking tour guides. Beate had learned German in high school 30 years ago, but it was mostly reading and not speaking. So she decided to brush up her German with the Jens & Jakob textbook and some 1:1 lessons with a German teacher recommended by Skapago. Taking lessons online makes it possibel for her to combine her busy schedule with a program that was tailored to her needs. With her teacher she can go through the manuscripts that she uses for her tours, ensuring she is working on the specific topics and expressions that are relevant for her job as a guide.

What is your favourite part of the Jens & Jakob story?

The episode when Jochen drives to the coast to see the old inn. I love the combination of phantasy and reality.

Your biggest challenge with learning German?

The correct articles, prepositions, and cases. That’s why it’s great to be able to talk to a German teacher who can explain everything to me. I don’t speak perfectly well, but the tourists understand me, and that just feels amazing.

What is one tip you have for a language learner?

My best tip is to surround yourself with the language completely. I listen to German news, watch TV and German movies and read German books. Maybe I should do more grammar exercises, but I want to have fun while learning as well …